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Activities for Adults with a Learning Disability

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There are a range of activities that you can do with adults with learning disabilities. With more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States aged 18 – 64 with some form of disability, physical activities are just as important as cognitive ones. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer are 3 times more likely to occur in adults with disabilities, so it’s important that physical and mental activities are offered to adults with disabilities, including those with learning disabilities.

So, what activities can you do with adults with learning disabilities? Adequate Care Social Services have come up with 4 options to help you decide:

Nature Activities:

Getting out in nature is good for the soul. A simple nature walk can do wonders for your mental health and physical health. Being in a wheelchair shouldn’t stop you, we can simply take a track that is paved, while you enjoy the birdlife and sounds of the environment around you.


There are also many organizations that focus on people with developmental disabilities. Therapeutic horseback riding is one option, where you can be immersed in nature as you make your way around on horseback. Hikingboatingfishing, and swimming are other options available to those with learning disabilities.

Cognitive Activities:

Art therapy

encourages creativity and a way to express yourself. It’s great for those that can’t communicate well, and it generates conversations and builds social skills. Finding a form of art that suits an individual can build talent and skills through art.

Model building, from planes to cars, trucks, and boats. This is a great way to encourage patience and cognitive skills as these activities require commitment and drive to start and complete. A sense of achievement, team building, and social skills are developed with model building.

is an all-inclusive activity that benefits those with learning disabilities. For those that struggle to communicate in other ways, it’s a great way to express yourself. Music itself allows for emotional, social, and mental well-being, which makes it a great way to stimulate the mind and offer some much-needed self-care.

Puzzles are fun, challenging, and come in different difficulty levels and forms. Finding a puzzle that interests the individual helps to develop fine motor skills, as well as developmental and social skills. It’s a great way to spend time with others and are educational at the same time.

Disabled child in wheelchair and mother with Music time on the beach with family travel time
Street Basketball

Physical Activities

Like nature activities, physical activities promote better health all round for adults with learning disabilities. The Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 2005, reported that there was a vast improvement in family life, social life, quality life, and overall better health for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities. This suggests that those with a learning disability who get involved in physical activities will have enhanced enjoyment and motivation in their life. Starting a sport, like wheelchair basketball, tennis, or cycling are just a few options of many.

Sensory Activities

Sensory stimulation helps to work the brain, muscles, and emotions of those with a learning disability. This type of therapy includes crafting, cooking, gardening, and playing board games and supports sensory skills, inclusivity, creates team bonds, social skills, and shared achievements.

At Adequate Care Social Services, we understand that being a carer for an adult with learning disabilities is a great responsibility. There is so much to remember, and it’s important that physical activities are incorporated into their lives along with the cognitive ones. Often it can be difficult to come up with a broad range of activities that are engaging and promote social skills, and this is where Adequate Care Social Services Inc can help.

Our adult day care focuses on caring for adults through a range of special needs day care services to assist adults with learning disabilities developmentally, physically, and cognitively.

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